13:31 PM


Thibault Vandermosten

This is an old and forgotten tale
About men in an unknown valley
Which will one day unveil
As temple basin, a waterfall alley

They were a group of men and women
The story didn’t keep their numbers
They plunged in their addiction
Going up mountains and boulders

But the day was bad, the weather foggy
The rocks loose, the ascension hard
Despite the hazards, they were happy
To one after one, vanquish the mountain guards

Even Death couldn’t stop them
His multiple warnings on the trail
Cannot hide the beautiful gem
Of the top, their holy grail

Fear slowed them down of course
But the goal is set, the road straight
And awaiting the leavers, remorse
They went on, to meet their fate

They finally did succeed, setting foot
On a frail and peligrous edge
Just as they went to, with respect, put
Another stone on the altar of the ledge

A wandering traveller came to the group
Coming on a path that alone, he takes
He came to break their short loop
Collect the toll of their mistakes

He tried to tell, he tried several times
They carried on for what they crave
Time to pay the bill of their climbs
All of them were aware, brave

Nevertheless, they ask the one never leaving lone
An ultimate request, a small caprice
If he could for a little bit postpone
As soon as they go down, they decease

As the wanderer know there’s no escape
He agreed to let the dreamers enjoy
Their last path in the landscape
That filled their life with joy

Only the hikers were more clever
Instead of going down, they followed the ridge
Walking from an end to another, forever
Savouring, from peak to summit, their bridge

They only appear by a cloudy day
When the sun doesn’t shine trough
You could see silhouettes on their way
That will never make their adieu

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